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  • Marianne Hoogeveen

Testimonial Slovenia events

Mrs Silke Schlinnertz, Head of Operations, Communications & Events, Euroheat & Power, Belgium, exchanged her thoughts about the workshop: “I would like to thank you and your team for a very well organised, friendly and enjoyable evening in Brussels. You managed to created an open atmosphere, like sitting with friends around the table and having a nice chat instead of different sales pitches – I really appreciated it! Ana is (as you promised) one of the best chefs so a big thank you to her and also to Valter for sharing their passion with us! In short: congrats to you and the entire team once again!”

Mrs Nuša Šolar from the Union Hotels, Slovenia added: “Workshops in Amsterdam and Brussels were a great success. We’ve never had so many satisfied clients on our workshops before and I’m sure that the word about Slovenian energy is already spreading around Europe. With this innovative approach we are really becoming friends with the planners in the industry and the business will follow for sure. Check social media; we are definitely going into the right direction.”

The big advantage of being small is that you can focus on the little things. The details. The personal touches that make your meeting really matter. That make it real. Authentic. Both workshops in Amsterdam and Brussels, weren’t just about business but also created a pleasant experience for everyone involved – through the personal touch and a good deal of Slovenian energy.

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