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  • Marianne Hoogeveen

Destination Matters....

Having to press the “pause” button in one’s professional life can also bring certain benefits….

Sometimes you have a “pending” project in mind but you can never find the time to sit down and execute. We organize regular events for association meeting planners such as "Meeting Matters" and the pause button has been pressed quite hard in the events industry.... But although a conference or event can’t be planned soon , we can still prepare and try to inspire….

Remember when you were a child, you had a “friendship” booklet where friends could write in and highlight their favorites….This inspired me to create an online “friendship” site featuring destination experts and some of their personal favorites. What makes a city unique and interesting for a meeting planner are often the small, quirky remarkable tips & tricks from locals.... So let's leave it up to the destinations to do the talking...

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