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  • Marianne Hoogeveen

Can travel save the world ?

Visiting & leaving a place better than you found it....?

Regenerative travel 👍👍 what's not to like ?

Regenerative tourism isn’t just about lowering your carbon footprint or buying local – it’s about initiating real, measurable change. Jonathon Day, an associate professor focused on sustainable tourism at Purdue University, told the New York Times: “Sustainable tourism is sort of a low bar. At the end of the day, it’s just not making a mess of the place. Regenerative tourism says, let’s make it better for future generations.” ; going on trips that actively work on improving the destinations you visit, whether that be through joining a restoration project or funding a business school for women. In the words of the NY Times, it’s about “leaving a place better than you found it.”

👉Swapping quantity for quality... meaningful marketing & tourism that respects the local USP's (culture, nature, livability, sustainability and enforces these and has a positive effect on local producers, (small/medium sized) family owned companies. A strategy based not on pure economic growth & welfare but to "well-being" for all stakeholders and change...👏👏👏

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